Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Release | Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks | Review/Swatches

I am one who loves a eel pigmented and better still matte lipstick so this year many brands have been relaxing their take on matte lipsticks specially with us approaching fall. Urban Decay have kept upto this trend and released their matte lipsticks as a part of their fall collection. there is a total of 9 Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick shades I like the colour selection they have targeted nudes, brights, deeper shades along with Blackmail which is the darkest shade. These shades already exist in their original range as well as the sheer range and now its only rightly so in their matte range. I also have to mention I love the fact how they have kept the outer casings a different colour for each of their different ranges.

Left - Right: Matte Stark Naked, Matte Bittersweet, Matte Tilt, Matte Temper, Matte After Dark, Matte Blackmail.

Firstly dare I say this but move aside MAC matte lipsticks because the texture of these is just amazing they literally glide on with their creamy velvet texture and they're that semi-matte finish which after a hour or less wear turn to totally matte. I don't find these drying on the lips at all and they wear for a decent 7-8 hours.  Urban Decay could not have possibly released these at a better time, I definitely feel matte lipsticks are going to be more popular than ever this A/W.

Matte Stark Naked is one of them nudes which work really well for all skin tones, I am one who has to be careful when it comes to mattes as they can clash with my skin tone but not with this one.

Matte Bittersweet is one I totally love and my ideal every day wear kind of lipstick this also reminds me of MAC's limited edition Daddy's Girl from their Archie & Veronica collection, I will need to do a comparison soon.

Matte Tilt is that reddish, pinkish, orange shade it varies what it looks like in different lighting but one I'm glad to add to my collection as I don't think I have many shades like this already and recently I've been a sucker for corals/oranges.

Matte Temper is the true blood red shade which is a must in any matte lipstick collection at least otherwise they feel rather empty. I don't have many reds as personally I don't wear them often recently though I have really been swinging towards red lipstick probably because I don't have many so I'm glad to have this.

Matte After Dark do I even need to tell you my love for purple lipsticks .. nah I guess you already know that by now! This one will be getting a hell of a lot of wear for sure this A/W. This is a very close dupe to MAC's infamous Rebel, recently I've been looking for a shade like Rebel in a more matte finish and voila!

Matte Blackmail finally this is the last one I have from this collection, I don't think I will be wearing this much it is a very very deep plumpish shade but lets see how daring I can get lol! However I will for definite be using this a lot for makeup looks on my Instagram.

I don't think I could be happier with these, it is safe to say Urban Decay have nailed the matte lipsticks trend! I will be looking at getting my hands on 1993 which I can see will if it already isn't a popular shade!



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  2. I have After Dark and love it!!! I definitely wanna try Stark Naked and Blackmail is to die for as well!!!!

    1. Blackmail is a daring shade and after dark is one of my favourites x

  3. After Dark looks so stunning - all of them seem amazing though!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  4. OMG, they're amazing! I want 'em all. xx

  5. I think the lipsticks are the one product I haven't ever tried from Urban Decay, they all look incredible!
    Lucy at Lucyy Writes x

    1. If u do try the lipsticks please start with this range lol x

  6. Have 3 of these on my wish list think I may have to buy them this month! :)


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