Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Clarins Eau Des Jardins | Review

A surprising combination of essential oils and plant extracts with aroma and phytotherapy benefits. The sparkling freshness of fruity zests, a captivating note of wild rose and the scent of comforting wood. All the charm of a dream-like garden combined with the skin care benefits of beech, sorbier and blackcurrant bud extracts. Moisturises, soothes and ensures beautifully soft skin. 

I always seemed to walk past the Clarins counter in Boots although this fragrance bottle caught my eye each time I never really had the chance to stop and have a look, if I'm honest I always thought it was just a fragrance. It wasn't until recently whilst browsing their website I had a little nosy at what the Clarins Eau Des Jardins was all about. This is not only a body fragrance but it is also good for the skin with combined oils and plant extracts, even further it has aromatic elements to it as well.

The fragrance is a lovely combination of zesty and fruity scents which are totally my kind of accent, anything which smells refreshing, be it floral, fruity or zesty has me sold. I decided to get this as I thought it was an absolute great idea. The colour of the bottle is eye catchingly punchy a gorgeous lime green colour with a brownish shade around the edges. This also comes with a spray nozzle which has been designed perfectly as each spritz lets out just the right amount of product, a few spritz is all you need.

I found this is something I use every few days of the week, the scent is exactly how I like my fragrances to be not over powering but enough for me to smell it on myself, I always feel rather fresh when I have this on and the best thing is it lasts a good part of most of the day. They also do a shower gel and body cream to go along with this, I am definitely intrigued to try out more of these as they have other options too so something for everyone!

Body Spray £30.00

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