Monday, 24 August 2015

New Release | Urban Decay Smoky Palette | Review/Swatches

Urban Decay Naked Palette lovers will be pleased to see the launch of a new addition to the range, you will have most likely already seen this palette as it has caused a storm already in the beauty world and many bloggers have already reviewed this palette! 

This comes in a sleek palette similar size to the other Naked eyeshadow palettes, the designing is grey and brown smoke with Urban Decay's logo and the name of the palette engraved on the top of the casing, underneath of the palette is tinted and transparent.

Following the theme of the palette there is a colour coordinated double ended brush included just like the other palettes, the brush included has a smudger brush on one end and rounded blending brush on the other end. They have also thrown in a 'get the look' card which features some tutorials sand tips too.

So what makes this Urban Decay Smoky Palette different to the others that are available already, this palette I would say is split into four sections starting from warm shimmer shades to different shades of greys and 3 matte shades. They designed this palette so you can create various different looks from one palette. Featuring 9 new shades and 3 exclusives from previous palettes. 

I managed to have a play with this palette and created the look below, the only shades that took a little extra work were the matte shades, I used the white as a highlighter other than that I'm really pleased to see greys in this palette as I feel it is a shade that isn't so popular generally. Overall I do like how this has 9 new shades what we haven't seen before. This now available to purchase on their website retailing for £38.00.



  1. Such a beautiful palette! Might even be my favourite yet...

    You're eye make-up is beautiful by the way! ❤ A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog ❤

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  3. Wow, your make up is flawless! I really like the matte eyeshadows, but the shimmer ones don't interest me very much...
    Xoxo, Nyx
    Nyx's beauty blog

  4. This palette is really pretty,such a nice review and Eyemakeup hon.


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