Tuesday, 11 August 2015

New Release | Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Brushes | Review

Recently Makeup Revolution released some brushes which I have to say are on a whole new level! The Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour range consists of uniquely designed and shaped brushesm there is already some high end versions available on the market which are similar to a couple of the brushes but this is the first time I've seen a brand dedicate a whole range around these styled brushes.

Although they have named the range 'Countour' brushes there is each one for different uses, so there is a Eyeshadow Brush, Highlighting Brush, Foundation Brush and Powder Brush. I personally one to ignore what brush is designed for so I tend to use them for techniques that I think they work well with lol so read on to see what I use each one of these.

Firstly there is the Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Eyeshadow Brush now I personally find this too big to use on my eye area and honestly speaking I haven't really tried this on my eyes but for me this works absolutely amazingly to contour down the sides of my nose, the shape and size of this brush makes it perfect for both powder and cream products.

Next up we have the Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Blusher & Highlighting Brush again due to the size (roughly double the size of a blending brush) I don't feel it is big enough for blusher application however it does work well for highlighting down the tip of the nose and even the highs of my cheek bones. This is the only brush which a different to the rest from the ranged, it is a round curved brush unlike the others which are flat cubed brushes.

This here is the Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Foundation Brush and another one I was sceptical to try out for what it is designed to do, I personally am one for round and packed foundation brushes, buffing brushes are my type the bigger and more packed they are the better, I don't even use flat foundation brushes so this is totally on the opposite end of the scale and unique too but for the sake of giving this brush a chance I used exactly what it is designed for and I was amazed at how well this actually works, it takes a little time getting used to but I quite liked the results.

Finally we have the Makeup Revolution Curve Contour Powder Brush this is one of my favourites from this range, I am a slight ok not slight lets say massive contour brush hoarder there is many brushes of this style on the market already but this is the most affordable one I've come across. The curve of the brush, thickness and length is just perfect for cream and powder contouring. I find this works well at getting a really defined contour, ideally I use my MAC Flat Contour brush first as that is thicker in width to get a blended contour then use this one to add definition that way I'm not left with a harsh unblended contour.
Brushes £3.99 - £5.99.


  1. These are great brushes, I love them!

    Lauren x | www.laurenselwood.com

  2. They look like a great bargain purchase if you can't afford to fork out! xx


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