Wednesday, 19 August 2015

New Release | Illamasqua Dusk Til Dawn Collection | Review/Swatches

Recently we saw the launch of Illamasqua's most recent collection, I was one of the super excited fans waiting for the launch. Almost everything I have tried from Illamasqua has never disappointed me. There was a sneak peak of the Illamasqua Dusk Til Dawn collection which was released a little while before the launch, this collection is designed around and inspired by Middle Eastern beauty. As a part of this collection they have released; Illustrator Pen, Sculpting Palette, a new limited edition lipstick shade, 3 Eye Slick Sticks and 3 Lip Slick Sticks. I remember when I saw the teaser photo before the release I was most excited for the palette, I thought it was an eyeshadow palette but to my surprise it was a contour and highlight kind of palette. As this collection is designed around Middle Eastern beauty I do personally think the contouring shades needed to be somewhat darker but that is my personal opinion.

Firstly I ordered the Illamasqua Illustrator Pen simply for the fact it claims to be water resistant and how I understood it was is that it is basically waterproof. This comes in the typical slim pen-like packaging with a sponge tip applicator. I personally prefer thin bristled eyeliner pens because sponge tip applicators tend to dry up towards the end from product build up, which I have started experiencing slightly with this already. Now as much as it is going to pain me to say this the idea behind reviews is honesty, so I will be bluntly honest I am disappointed with this eyeliner as it is the most non-waterproof eyeliner pen I've tried til date. I tried this many times over even tested it in the shower and on the back of my hand but this was gone with the first point of contact with water. The other thing I searched high and low was to see what finish this has and it wasn't stated anywhere not even under product description, I can tell you this dries to a shine finish, I prefer matte finish specially with black liners. For the price I was expecting a lot more and the sponge applicator along with the fact it isn't waterproof really let me down specially when I absolutely love Illamasqua for their high quality products.

Next up I ordered two of the Illamasqua Lip Stick Slicks just because the shades really appealed to me and if I'm honest I didn't really read into the product description of these. The Lip Stick Slicks come in sleek super slim packaging with a twist up mechanism which is always a plus point for liners it means no hassle of sharpening. Each one is colour coded on the outer packaging and I have to point out that the they aren't correctly colour coded the shades appear different on the outer packaging to what they actually are as you will be able to see from the pictures, Flush appears to be a deeper pink to what it actually is and Adorn seems to be a dark maroon shade whereas it is a reddish shade. Also the other thing I wasn't impressed with is the printing on the packaging now I might sound like I'm being super petty but it seems as though the side of things seemed to have been rushed which is a shame as all Illamasqua's packaging is always on point. The good news is that these are amazing they do not budge, they are a stiff cream texture (in a good way) and they last all day with or without lipstick. I have been using Flush almost daily depending on what lipstick I'm wearing, they don't end up gathered on the inner lip like some liners do and I'm super impressed with them. I do hope they release a wider colour range in these.

Its almost pained me to write this review as I have always loved Illamasqua and recommended it to others but I feel this collection has hit slightly below the mark for Illamasqua. The Lip Slick Sticks are perfect just the packaging side of things let it down slightly however I would buy more if they released more shades. Below is a pic of a makeup look I created using the Flush Lip Stick Slick with a gloss over it (I keep getting tongue tied every time I try to say the name of these lip liners lol)!

Eyeliner £20.00 | Lip Liners £18.50 each.

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