Monday, 3 August 2015

Morphe Brushes Its Bling 35E Eyeshadow Palette | Review/Swatches

With me being a regular Instagram nerd I was pretty much familiar with Morphe Brushes as many popular Instagrammers, MUA's and YouTubers hyped their products specifically their brushes, they had huge hit when they collaborated with Jaclyn Hill and a eyeshadow palette was released. Well recently their products are now available to us in the UK through Beauty Chamber.

I previously reviewed one of their brushes link, I decided I wanted to try one of their eyeshadow palettes because I'd seen loads of makeup looks on Instagram with their palettes used the pigmentation looked amazing. The palette I decided to go for is the Morphe Brushes Its Bling 35E Eyeshadow Palette. This consists of 35 shimmery metallic eyeshadows, from neutrals to brights, pastels and darks covering a huge range of colours and shades, some of the eyeshadows also have glitter particles in them.

In all honesty I expected this palette to be pretty much like the ebay and Crown Brush palettes basically the ones which companies buy in batch and have their logo's added to as this comes in pretty much similar packaging, once I got swatting away I have to tell you I was blown away the pigmentation is CRAZY, the texture was the next thing what blue me away as it is buttery soft not only do these pick up well for finger swatches but work just as amazingly with brushes! The fact this palette only costs just under £23.00 and you get 35 eyeshadows which works out at around £1.50 per eyeshadow is a bargain! It's definitely a thumbs up from me and I'm even looking into purchasing more, have a look at the eye looks I created using this palette below, you will have already seen these on my previous post, click here to see what liners I used.

 Palette £22.95


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  2. wow! Those are some gorgeous swatches and looks, way to go!!
    Emma, XOXO

  3. Oh wow this palette looks so pigmented!!!
    Jennie Emma

  4. This palette has such a wide variety of colours and they're all super pigmented!

    Lauren xx

  5. Those shadows look great quality :)
    I love your blog header too, so pretty!
    Tori x

  6. Such pretty eye looks!

  7. You have made a mistake. One shadow costs around £0.65 instead of £1.50. If one shadow costs £1.50 you would pay £52.5 which is twice as much as one palette costs.


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