Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Skin Care | Clarins Double Serum | Review/Swatches

The multi-award winning Double Serum is the only intensive anti-ageing treatment serum rich in 20 plant extracts that boosts the skin's vital functions. An innovative, two-phase system that targets all aspects of skin ageing in one complete skin care concentrate. A complete facial serum:

- skin looks firmer, wrinkles appear smoother
- the complexion looks more even and regains its glow
- pores appear less visible

Dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic.

So for some time I've been wanting to try this serum by Clarins, after seeing and reading so many positive reviews and what it claims to do not only did it sound great but it seemed to fit everything what my skin needed. I have become a religious user of serum's as over time since I've started paying more attention to my skin and following a routine skincare regime.

Clarins Double Serum is not like your usual or average serums the clue is within the name it is a double serum now for some that'd sound rather scary as some serums can result in blocked pores and skin becoming excessively oily. The idea behind this serum is there is two parts to it Hydric and Lipidric focusing on two main areas water and oil. Once you pump this onto your hand it is visible that theres two parts to it, it is instructed to mix both together before application. 

I have personally been using this on nights before applying a moisturiser, after giving birth my skin balance is all over the place so when I have been using my Clinique Sonic Brush I've noticed dry patches which I guess was good timing as it gave me the chance to see how well this serum worked. The results I instantly picked up was my skin felt much more hydrated and more so looked brighter and fresh which I seriously can't express to you how important this factor has been for me specially with 3-4 time night feeds, its almost as this has been a life saviour for perking up my skin. I don't personally have large pores and I haven't so much any fine lines and wrinkles so I cannot personally comment on that but if you're a regular reader on my blog you will know how fond I am of anti-ageing products as a precaution to delay the signs of ageing off for as long as possible. I will definitely be repurchasing this as I mentioned it has worked wonders for my skin and is well worth the price tag, however one pump goes a very long way so I can see this lasting quite some time.

Serum £55.00


  1. I really want to try this serum now! It sounds amazing! Also, want to try the Clinique Sonic Brush!

    Chloe x

  2. I love the way you wrote this article, it gives us a positive thoughts. I am regular user of Sakare's skincare serums.It helps to reduce dark spots, fine lines, large pores and radiance.


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