Thursday, 23 July 2015

New Release | Eylure Vegas Nay Collection | Review

Top - Bottom: Classic Charm, Shining Star, Grand Glamor

If you don't already know Vegas Nay is a very  popular lady over on Instagram and an aspiring artist too, she also shares a lot of work of other artists! Well recently she has collaborated with Eylure and released 4 sets off lashes, individual lashes and a new clear adhesive. Today I would like to show you three of her most popular eyelashes which she has released.

As soon as I seen the release I knew these were going to be popular like hot cakes whats even better is they're readily available to us in the UK which is rare when there is a collaboration with an international artist, whats even better is they aren't super expensive. Firstly I love the candy coloured packaging with Vegas Nay's logo on the side of each one, you can immediately see a lot of time and effort has gone into this collaboration. 

The first set of lashes are Eylure Vegas Nay Classic Charm these have the thinnest band and they are single layered. Although they look to have a spiky effect on Eylure's website these are mid length, the perfect type for those who love a subtle effect rather than super dramatic.

Next up are the Eylure Vegas Nay Shining Star these are a step up in the game compared to Classic Charm, they are double layered with a slightly thicker band, again for those ladies who like to have a fuller lash look. These can be worn daily or even for events or an evening look, they feel comfortable on.

Finally the Eylure Vegas Nay Grand Glamor now these are just full on drama with three layers, the base layer are just straight lashes and then the top two layers are criss-crossed. I personally wouldn't be able to wear these daily but would definitely rock them for an event. The band on these though is much thicker due to the layers and can be slightly uncomfortable. The width of these lashes is  longer than the average ones, as I have big eyes I usually don't have any issues with the widest width lashes but these I needed to trim down, this however is a bonus rather than a negative for ladies who have long eyes, these have to be my favourites as I'm all about drama when it comes to lashes.

A look I created using Shining Star lashes:
A look I created using Grand Glamor lashes:
Eyelashes £5.95 - £7.95


  1. Replies
    1. drama is what I'm all about and they're just screaming drama lol x

  2. I spotted these out the other day and cannot wait to get my hands on some to try!!

    The looks you created are stunning!!


    Lucy |


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