Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Neve Cosmetics Contourmania Highlight Pencil | Review/Swatches

Neve Cosmetics Contourmania Contouring and Highlighting Pencil. 
Use the dark lead to create shadows where hollow areas are needed, eye crease, cheeks, under chin or on those areas you wish to slim, sides of the nose, lower jaw. Use the light lead to enhance those features you wish to stand out, centre of forehead, high points of cheeks, centre of lips or get less receded, wrinkles on nose and lips, dark circles, under the arch of eyebrows. Easily blend Contourmania using your fingers or a brush. Buildable and easy to blend. Apply delicately before foundation to get a slight and delicate effect, or apply over makeup to get sculpted volume.

The Neve Cosmetics Contourmania Highlight Pencil is an amazing idea, we have seen contour and highlight sticks, compacts, cream and powder versions but this is the first time I have seen the two available in a pencil form, I think NYX brought out a similar version in the US but this is the only one I've personally seen available in the UK.

The reason why  this works so well is it helps create neat and sharp lines specially for the areas which need more definition for example my nose. Although this works equally as well on areas that need more contour such as the cheeks. The other thing I see less off is matte cream highlighters there seems to be a big gap on the market for these yet they're super popular as people resort to using concealers or lighter shade foundations to get the same effect. The formula of this pencil is what amazed me I expected it to be a bit like a lip pencil which is soft but not soft enough, I'd happily say its more so like a gel/cream based formula, this makes blending a dream which is very important when it comes to contour and highlighting because thats the key behind getting the whole technique right. I do however wish they did a darker version for ladies who are olive skin toned or darker, I'm a NC35 and the count our side does show up but it is on the subtle side whereas I like a defined contour look but thats my personal preference. Overall I think the idea of a pencil version is amazing and Neve Cosmetics have got it just right especially with the texture and how well both the contour and highlighter blend.

Pencil £6.95.


  1. This looks absolutely perfect for contouring the nose and jawline! I'd love to try it.

    Check out my latest post <3

    1. Its a great little product and so affordable too x

  2. Thanks for the link in the #bblogger chat - great blog you have!
    Interesting in the pencil form, not too sure whether I would get on with it well.

    Hope to hear from you soon - Chloe // chloexlogan.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. thank u for stopping by and this os probably the easiest form of cream product to work with x

  3. This looks good! I've not seen a pencil version before, this is perfect for travelling, and it's not too expensive!

    Natalie xx

    1. never thought of how easy it would be to take for travelling and totally agree it is pocket friendly x


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