Friday, 19 June 2015

New Release | Soap & Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar | Review/Swatches

A 4-in-1 shaping, perfecting, highlighting & taming kit that includes 2 brow powder shades, a pearl shimmer highlighter and a transparent setting wax to hold brows in place.
This is a brow perfecting kit that contains everything you need to shape, define, fill,
and set brows. The shades inside custom mix to suit everybody’s brows.

Recently I was to buy a new eyebrow palette as my beloved HD Brows palette needed replacing, I was going to order another as I swear by it until I seen the recently launched Soap & Glory Archery DIY Brow Bar so I decided to give this a go instead.

The compact contains a cream iridescent highlighter, clear wax, two brow shades, a mini spoole and mini brow brush. the packaging itself is roughly palm size, with a quirky logo and once opened you have a handy decent sized mirror. When it comes to doing brows I like to see quite closely so a decent sized mirror is a must for me.

Firstly I have to say I love the iridescent cream highlighter its very subtle yet super effective, I also like using it on my inner eye too. The clear wax is handy once you've filled your brows in you simply use the spoole to apply this over, however recently I've personally started to scrape some wax and brow powder onto a mixing plate and mixed the two together to create a gel like texture! Now the compact is in one shade to suit all but I personally do feel I'd have preferred the darker shade to be a tad bit darker however I have to say the powders are super soft and so, so easy to work with, its also pretty difficult to over do your brows as the powder blends so easily so no more of the block eyebrows with this compact! Overall I love this and have been using the DIY Brow Bar daily I couldn't recommend it enough, below is a pic of me wearing the dark brow powder.

Compact £12.00


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