Wednesday, 17 June 2015

New Release | Makeup Revolution Lip Liners | Review/Swatches

Rcently Makeup Revolution released a range of liners for eyes and for lips too. Today I will be reviewing the lip liners, there is a total of 8 new shades of the Makeup Revolution Lip Liners ranging from a pale white pink, nude shades, hot pink and a couple of darker shades too.

If I'm honest I'm not much of a fan of pencil lip liners generally as I find them a little rough to work with yet I own tons and don't get me wrong I do use them but my preference is cream lip liners as they are so much easier to work with, so on that note I wasn't expecting these to be super amazing. They come in a typical pencil type liner, the packaging has been kept super simple too which I quite like, I also love that each pencils' packaging is colour co-ordinated with the colour its meant to be this is a huge buggy and a life saviour when you already have heaps of liners.

It was literally until I swatched them for this blog post that I tried them for the first time and hell was I surprised at how creamy soft these are! They literally glide on effortlessly and some are even better and softer in consistency compared to MAC pencil lip liners! I love the fact that each one comes with a sharpener built into the lid now I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for miss placing my sharpeners and lip liners are probably the one product that needs maintaining as they can go do super fast specially if they have a creamy texture, so the fact these come with a built in sharpener I personally would like to give a big thumbs up to Makeup Revolution. There is some brilliant shades available but I do hope to see MR extend this range and I'm even more excited to try the eyeliners after being so impressed with the lip liners! These cost £1.00 each but they also have a bundle offer if you buy all 8 you save £2.00 ... bargain!


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