Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lipstick Depotting Tips, Tricks & My Personal Experience

What I needed:
- Rubbing Alcohol.
- Tissues & Cotton Buds.
- Mixing palette & spatula.
- Spoon. 
- Lighter & candle.
- Pen, paper & stickers.
- Palette, inserts & lipsticks.

The thought of deporting scared me from the moment I ever heard of it and I was pretty adamant I will not ever do such a thing to my lipsticks lol but as time goes on and your collection grows almost as if its breeding over night along with the hassle of having to pack so many lipsticks to drag along with you in your kit unfortunately you have no choice but to go to whatever measures you possibly can and in this case it was deporting.

I have previously deported eyeshadows and blushers but lipsticks are a whole different ball game. There's many different ways to depot lipsticks the main two are either melting or to crush the lipsticks and see as though I am a slight perfectionist I decided to go with the melting technique after a hell of a lot of contemplating to say the least.

I started off with putting the lipsticks in order of how I want them in the palette and made a list of all the names on a separate paper and cleaning everything with rubbing alcohol. I used a tissue to get a good grip on the lipsticks and pulled them all out by gently wiggling left and right I then cut the bottom half of the lipsticks and put the top half of the lipsticks back into the tube this way I've stretched the lipsticks by using the product that always gets left behind in the bottom of the tube and then using the top half and put it back in the tube so I can use the lipstick as normal. Once all the lipsticks were depotted I labelled stickers and applied them behind each shade on the inserts, I then left the lipsticks to set at room temperature overnight. Next I cleaned all the edges around each well using cotton buds well lets say nearly a full pack of cotton buds. I finished off with giving the palette a final spritz of rubbing alcohol to make sure all bacteria was killed.

The idea with melting and using a candle is it will take much longer but to use the minimum heat as possible and lots of patience as the more heat you use the more of the lipstick texture will change specially pearlised/metallic lipsticks luckily for me i made sure I mixed the lipsticks well before pouring into the pan and they seemed to have worked pretty well. I decided to do my Illamasqua lipsticks simply because the texture is so stiff even without melting so I was rather hopeful melting them would soften the texture but unfortunately they stiffened even more the plus point is I can apply more pressure with a lip brush without having to worry the lipstick will snap. I maybe should have used the heatless technique and mashed the lipsticks into the wells but I guess its a learning curve.

have you depotted lipsticks before and do you have any tips? If so please do let me know in the comments below.


  1. Interesting post, I don't think I'd be brave enough to do this! Haha!

    Kirsty | blessedby

    1. Oh it took a hell of a lot to do this lol x


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