Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Brand Introduction | RMK Vintage Collection | Review/Swatches

RMK Vintage Sweets Face Colour
RMK Vintage Candy Cheeks
RMK Vintage Drop Gloss

This was my first trying anything from the brand RMK and I decided to get some bits from the RMK Vintage Sweets Collection reminds me of candy stripes fun and intriguing of the colours in each product.

The Vintage Sweets Collection has a whole range of products not all are similar to the above products but theirs lots of lovely pastel shades which are perfect for the trends going at the moment.

I picked up the RMK Vintage Sweets Face Colour firstly as I've not tried a colour correcting face powder before so I was quite interested to see how this would work. I chose Yellow Green which is specifically designed to even out skin tones and give a radiant finish. From the swatch picture you can see exactly how creamy the powder is and although it looks pretty scary on the swatch picture it works perfectly with the skin. I also did find that when I use this face powder my t-zone gets oily through the day which was a down fall as I really loved the texture and results.

Next up I got the RMK Vintage Candy Cheeks in the shade Candy Red Rose, this blusher is built up of two shades a white shade and a rose pink the two together give a lovely barbie pink finish. I do however wish the pan size was bigger so both shades could be used separate too and the whiter shade as a highlighter however I use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to pick up the shade as a highlighter. i really do like this blusher on a whole though the colour payoff is really pigmented and lasts all day.

Finally I got the RMK Vintage Drop Gloss in the shade Maple Syrup which is a gloss built up of three different pink shades, when I first pulled the tube out and popped it back in I did expect it to mess up the pattern in the tube but to my surprise it didn't. I'm not much of a gloss lover so I wasn't really expecting anything much from this lip gloss but I did decide to try it as I love the concept behind the packaging and products, to my surprise this close is a lovely baby pink shade with considerably good pigmentation for a lipgloss. I've recently been wearing this over a nude pink lip liner and its worked perfectly plus this doesn't have the sticky texture feel to it!

Face Powder £33.00 | Blusher £20.00 | Lipgloss £14.50


  1. Wow! These are so incredibly pretty!

    Charlotte - x

  2. I love the patterns on the make-up looks so pretty <3

  3. I want to try this brand since they appeared on Get It Beauty Korean TV show. But I don't know where to get them


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