Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Brand Introduction | Freedom Makeup Pro Lipsticks | Review/Swatches

Left - Right
104 Wildflower, 116 Game On, 105 Tell Your Friends, 101 Flushed, 103 Pink Lust, 118 You Had Me At Hello, 102 Candy Sweet
Left - Right
111 Untouched, 112 Sooner Or Later, 115 Mannequin, 114 Naked Beauty, 113 Whispers, 117 Juicy Lips, 107 Make Me Crazy
Left - Right
110 Born With It, 106 Fever, 108 Expression, 109 Red Wine, 119 Adorn, 120 True Power
Left - Right
Storm-Trooper, Space Luxe, Sky-Walker, Far Away, The Sith

Recently we saw a new brand launch by the lovely people at Makeup Revolution they have yet again extended and this time it is massive! They have released a new brand called Freedom Makeup which caters for mainly pro products from what I have gathered, they also offer makeup courses too so something a little on the different side to what Makeup Revolution already had on to offer.

Today I m reviewing the Freedom Makeup Pro Lipsticks, these can be bought as singles, colour packs or as a full kit! I found the lipstick packaging pretty much Like Make Revolutions Black glossy casing with the logo imprinted and silver bullet casing finished off with a clear bottom so you can see what shade each lipstick is, as a Makeup Artist I cannot even begin to tell you how important this factor is, even on a normal daily basis being able to see the shade without having to pop off the lid of each lipstick makes life that much easier.

I love the variety of different shades, there is literal every single shade covered in this range including some daring and more creative shades. I also admire the fact although this company is aiming at pro products the pricing has been kept just as affordable as what Makeup Revolution offers. The pigmentation of the lipsticks vary I would say they are rather on the sheerer side but with a decent amount of pigmentation however the darker and brighter shades definitely have more pigmentation. So far I'm pretty impressed with the brand although I would love to try some more products to get a good feel of the brand but I have a feeling I will love it just as much as I love Makeup Revolution!



  1. Look at all the colours..! These look lovely, have you tried wearing them over a few hours? Do you find that they dry the lips out or are they pretty good at maintaining moisture?


    1. they're a really creamy texture so they don't so much dry the lips out but do wear away around the 4 hour mark depending on the shade x


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