Saturday, 2 May 2015

New Release | Nicky Clarke Frizz Argan Oil | Review

The 17-piece collection contains everything you need to protect your locks and create fabulous styles. The range includes LightBoost and Supergloss shampoos and conditioners to add richness and shine to blonde and brunette hair, TextureBuild products to add volume, SmoothSilk to calm frizzy hair and DeepTreat to inject moisture into dry hair.

In addition to Nicky’s styling range, you can also pick up Nicky Clarke’s expert electrical range from Tesco.
So Nicky Clarke have released 17 new hair care products everything from shampoos, conditioners, hair masks to hair oils exclusively to Tesco's. I recently got my hands on the Nicky Clarke Frizz Argan Oil.

The Product Aim
Everyone wants that gorgeous salon finish at the end of every hair wash. Each formulation is designed to respond to your hair needs, with simple advice to get your hair the best it can be at home. Just remember that good hair is easy but great hair takes just a little extra time.
Recently I've had to take extra care with my hair since having it dyed its become very dry and knotty on the ends which only means lots of hair masks and hair oils. For me right now is the most important time for my hair as its at the longest its ever been since my last pregnancy and believe me I am cherishing it with all I can. This oil boasts of a hell of a lot of different oils and extracts including of course Argan Oil which seems to be a very popular Moroccan ingredient for well nourished and tamed hair. This specific oil is a little on the thicker side to previous ones I've tried however it also takes a little longer to sink in but does not weigh the hair down at all. It is designed to be used on wet/damp hair and can also generally be used too. I use this twice a day morning and night to keep on top of my hair, I've noticed a lot of difference in how much its relaxed my hair it also adds a lovely shine to the hair too. I would highly recommend only using this on mid length to tips of the hair and to avoid the roots as you would with most hair oils.
Hair Oil £5.99


  1. I can't believe how cheap it is! I'm really tempted to try it now after your review because I've got bad dry/damaged hair and want to try help it abit but hair oils have always scared me! I'll let you know if I pick it up xo

    1. this one isn't a scary one lol it sinks right into the hair and u can't even tell once applied x


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