Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New Release | ColourPop Cosmetics In The Bloom Collection | Review/Swatches

You may have seen my post on my most recent ColourPop Cosmetics haul, here is my first review kinda post and I decided to introduce you to the 'In The Bloom Collection' this comes in a lovely presentation box, the packaging is very sturdy and all my products stayed in one piece in fact I've actually kept this collection in this presentation box as I can't bring myself to bin the packaging.

When I actually passed my order on to the lady who helped get my lovely package to me blushers had not long been released and highlighters were due to be released, so I decided to order this set as it contained two blushers and a highlighter. It also comes with three cream textured Lippie Stix, I've personally only tried the matte and glossy Lippie Stix before so wasn't as sure what to expect from these.

I have to say the cream texture is mega pigmented and opaque, the texture isn't so much different to their matte range I'd say the only difference is these have more of a shine to them. Theres three shades included in this set a 'Freshman' bright pink which reminds me of MAC's popular Girl About Town I will be swatting the two together to see if this is a possible dupe, 'Sweet Thing' a gorgeous barbie pink colour and 'Frenemie' which is a bright orange toned red.

Both the highlighters and blushers are the same texture as their eyeshadows which is a creamy texture, I'd say the blushers are definitely more creamier than the eyeshadows, the highlighter itself isn't as creamy. As you all know I don't like using my fingers for application, the best brush I found that worked with the blushers and highlighter is a stippling brush. Although the colours appear super bright in the pan I can assure you using a stippling brush will give you a lovely soft touch of colour, as I love my blusher to be quite bright I just layered it up a little which was pretty easy to achieve and set in place with translucent powder. These last pretty well on me and give me a full days wear without slipping and sliding all over my face even if I don't set them with a powder. I'm absolutely over the moon I picked this set up as there isn't a single thing that disappointed me, it roughly cost me a little over £25.00 to get this, so if you know anyone going on holiday this summer to America or can get your hands on this set I would highly recommend picking this.


  1. I've been so impressed with every ColourPop product I've ever seen!! They always look so so nice and I'm always envious. I will try some soon!!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. such a beautiful set! Love colourpop cosmetics!

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  3. The eyeshadows are gorgeous, especially the coral shade! xx

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  4. I am so in love with Colour Pop x

  5. I am still waiting on them to start shipping to the UK - I'm literally having a 2 yr old tantrum lol....I'm in love with Colour Pop and feel like my makeup hoarding life is not complete without a few (or lots) of their products...*sigh*

    Jo from Jaeydarobin xx

    1. I was the same til I found a way to get these lol there is a courier service u can use to order these to the uk x


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