Friday, 22 May 2015

Gift Set | Soap & Glory Irresistibubble Gift Set | Review

Featuring Soap & Glory's mouth-watering sweet lime fragranced SUGAR CRUSH™ Body Wash, with LIME OIL and COOLCAPSULE™ X to cool and refresh, and a SHEA and COCOA NUT BALM rich SUGAR CRUSH™ Body Buttercream.

This mini Soap & Glory Irresistibubble gift set is my first time trying body products from Soap & Glory believe it or not, yes I know I'm late with trying them and boy do I feel like I've been missing out!

The gorgeous scent is something more on the sweet side with a hint of lime to it, it smells good enough  to eat! I love the traditional pink colour mixed with lime green it makes the product look so much more fun. I decided to pick this duo up as I was planning my hospital bag and wanted something that would smell lush and make me feel better once baby is here.

I'm definitely glad I went for this cute little set which is an absolute steal at just £5.00, in fact I've ordered another set as I've already started using both of these. I love the scent they both leave after I've come out of the shower, what I absolutely love is that the scent actually stays rather than fades off which is a huge biggy for me as thats the first thing I look for in body and shower products. I really want to try more body and shower products from Soap & Glory since trying these two so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Gift set £5.00.


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  1. Thanks for the review! I am planning to buy this. It defintely is a bargain!


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