Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Brand Focus | Delilah Cosmetics | Review/Swatches

Last year I introduced the launch of a new British brand on my blog to see my previous review click here since then I've seen this brand grow and expand over the past roughly 8 months since they first launched.

Today I am reviewing a few more products from Delilah Cosmetics. Firstly one thing is for definite this brand lacks nothing when it comes to luxury, all the products are well packaged and presented. Immediately when you pick one of the products up you can feel the luxury of each product right in your hands.

I got to try some more brighter shades of the Delilah Colour Intense Cream Lipsticks this time, Stiletto which is a bright candy pink and Tango which is a lovely tangerine orange shade. The packaging of these lipsticks is heavier than your average lipstick and the casing is metal rather than the usual plastic both these factors add so much more luxury and I'd say personality towards the brand, each bullet feels sturdy in the packaging and I guess you get the hang of what I meant when I mentioned earlier this brand does not lack luxury. Both these shades are creamy textured and fit the name perfectly, the colour pay off is satisfyingly opaque you can see that from the above swatches as they are one swipe swatches. What I love is that these lipsticks don't dry your lips out and feel rather moisturising on the lips, the creamy texture is also just perfect not too creamy to the point it slides off at the first point of contact with food or drink.

next up this was my first time trying a Delilah Compact Powder Colour Blush they have 3 shades available, the shade I got is Clementine which can look scary in the pan but is a very soft and subtle coral shade. Each compact comes with a mirror and its own velvet pouch with the brands name engraved in. The compact is the right size to fit snuggly into your palm. As I mentioned the colour pay off is rather subtle but for someone who loves pigmentation like me it can be very easily built up too.

Finally I got the Delilah Angled Contour Brush this again comes in its own personal pouch. the bristles are tempered and synthetic making it perfect to get into the hollows of your cheeks or even for an all over blush application. It is the perfect type for me and is exactly what I expect from a blusher brush have you ever bought a brush where the bristles feel too fake and soft that they don't pick up hardly any product well this brush picks up the right amount of blusher/product due to the fact the bristles are not all one length and are rounded around the edges plus the bristles are just perfect. The handle feels really sturdy and is wooden rather than a hollow or plastic handle. The weight of the actual brush also reflects how much effort has been put into creating it so I'm really impressed with the Angled Contour Brush.

 Lipsticks £24.00 each | Blusher £26.00 | Makeup Brush £38.00.


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