Friday, 24 April 2015

Skin Care | Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate & Santal Face Treatment Oil | Review/Swatches

Recently the weather changes and pregnant hormones left me with crazy dry patches which then led to irritated red tiny bumps along with the dry skin. I tried everything including my favourite Origins Overnight Drink Up Intensive mask but nothing was working. Until I tried this dup and I cannot even begin to tell you how many wonders this dup has worked.

Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate

This is a very fine oil designed to be used under your usual day/night cream, it is one thats to be used for more of an emergency fix until your skin starts feeling better. I used this each night for 3 days and I was amazed at how quick this kicked into action, my first point was to target the irritated areas mainly before worrying about the dry patches to stop my skin from getting worse and also to stop the irritated areas spreading. As you all know I have very sensitive combination skin and one brand that I have been able to use throughout even when I was suffering from dermatitis was Clarins. I now use this treatment as and when I need to and within a single use my skin is calmed down. I'm not sure what caused the red irritated areas on my face but I can tell you this little bottle was a god send, it also comes with a pump applicator which makes life so much easier.

Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil

Next up I used this face oil alongside the treatment concentrate and have continues to use it each night. There is a few facial oils by Clarins so I was rather stuck with which one to get and although I own dozens of facial oils I tried each one again nothing worked. So after some advice I went for this oil, it comes in a clear glass bottle with the perfect applicator any facial oil could come with. This is instructed to be used each night and for me I personally prefer applying face oils on a night to allow them good time to soak into the skin and do what they need to overnight. This is a oil which definitely takes time to sink into the skin and not one that sinks away within a hour or two. Only a tiny amount is needed. Since using this again all my dry patches have gone and this keeps on top of my skin every night once I remove y makeup I can see how dry and lacking my skin is but by morning its refreshed, soft and well moisturised to go. This is definitely my everyday go-to oil since I started using it, what I love is how this face oil doesn't leave my skin to become a oily, greasy mess through the day.

Treatment £42.00 | Face Oil £32.00


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