Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Release | Eylure 123 & 212 Lashes | Review

Eylure No 123 Definition Lashes
Eylure No 212 Dramatic Lashes

Eylure have released new lashes and a couple of them are No. 123 Definition lashes and No. 212 Dramatic lashes. 

Eylure No. 123 Definition lashes

The Definition style No. 123 is a bias style lash with bluntly spiked ends for a defined and elongated look. 

These are a gorgeous style with a wearable length, they are spiky all the way through with more drama and depth towards the outer lashes, this is a style I've not seen before and they definitely compliment a cat-eye makeup look perfectly. These probably aren't something what I would've picked up myself but I'm glad I got to try as I really like them.

Eylure No. 212 Dramatic lashes

Our Dramatic lashes are a dense, double-layered lash that creates a generous, structured lash look. The Dramatic No.212 is a stunning layered lash with an offset design for a beautiful finish.The lashes are crammed full of depth which ensures a smooth and dark look. The lash fully frames the eye perfectly, ideal for the dramatic lash lover. 

This style is right up my street, they're criss-crossed which means they're double layered yet not overly crammed, the perfect whispy style. This kind of style is becoming hugely popular specially with american branded lashes. The length on these is much fuller but they don't feel heavy to wear compared to some criss-crossed lashes, the band is also not thick like other criss-crossed lashes I have tried before making these totally comfortable to apply and wear. 

Eyelashes £5.25 - £7.25

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