Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Release | Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Cheek Palettes | Review/Swatches

Bobbi Brown Calypso Cheek Palette
Bobbi Brown Berry Cheek Palette

A little while ago Bobbi Brown released their limited edition cheek palettes, there is a total of 3 palettes the above two and a 'Pinks' palette. Calypso is now sold out on Bobbi Brown's website but you can pick it up from John Lewis thats where I ordered mine from.

Each palette features 3 shades; 2 blushers and a highlighter. The compacts are a little smaller than I expected but each pan is still big enough to use comfortably with a blusher brush or angled brush, they also come with a full sized handy mirror. I love how each palette has its own highlighter shade which works with both blusher shades within that palette.

I do have one niggle though the shade 'Coral Sugar' from the Calypso palette just seems to fade away the more you try to blend it in, this makes me think the blusher pigmentation isn't the same as the original sizes I'm not so sure. But on the other hand all the other shades dust on pretty well. The two blushers can be used together too, one as a base colour the second to add depth or just to add a little more colour and then the highlighter shade to finish off with. I will be looking at deporting these as I have literally no room in my vanity at the moment, the struggle is real lol!

Blusher palettes £34.00 each


  1. this is nice

  2. These are great colors. I especially like the Berry Cheek palette!

  3. These are gorgeous xo

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

  4. The first palette looks so pretty! I haven't tried much from Bobbi Brown, I love the look of their face products though.

    Jordan Alice

  5. Following you now, love the bloggie.

    Hope you follow me back :)


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