Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Burberry Kisses Lipsticks | Review/Swatches

Left - Nude Beige
Right - Military Red

So most bloggers got there hands on these cute mini lipstick samples from Burberry which I personally think was a great idea as it gives us a chance to try before we buy. I heard bloggers mention and share their pictures of their samples and after asking how I could get my hands on one I was nominated by my lovely friend Hailey, I also nominated and got my friend one too, she was kind enough to let me use hers to swatch for this post.

I went for the Nude Beige shade whereas my friend went for the Military Red, the first thing I noticed about this lipstick line is that the lipsticks can take a few swipes to build up to get a pigmented finish otherwise they are rather opaque, I also noticed the Nude Beige shade is a lot more sheer and glossy like in texture whereas Military Red has a little tougher texture so I'm guessing the textures wary from shade to shade.

I do love the detail in packaging and on the actual bullet itself as it hands a luxurious feel to the lipsticks, the samples came in plastic packaging (not the cheap type) but I'm hoping the full size lipsticks come in a more durable material of packaging. Overall I'm not sure I would spend £25.00 per lipstick as I feel there is many high street alternatives that would give the same finish, however I love the packaging so I'd maybe like to try a lipstick from one of their other ranges they have to offer. Nevertheless a big thank you to Burberry for giving us this chance to be able to try before we buy.


  1. I got the red and it is sooooo nice, I am so impressed with it!! Very happy customer, I might even get a full size!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  2. I got Nude Pink and although I love it, I don't think I could justify £25 for a single lipstick! x

    Jordan Alice

    1. I personally looked into full sizes but not sure why I held back x

  3. Wow the red shade is so pretty! I didn't even realise you could get free samples, damn it! haha xx

    Leah Talks


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