Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hair Care | Label.M Brunette Texturising Spray & Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil | Review

Label.m have recently released one of their newest products the Label.m Brunette Texturising Volume Spray, combined with a mixture of hairspray and dry shampoo which is what makes it different to what a dry shampoo does. It gives my hair lift but with the perfect amount of hold although this contains hairspray it certainly doesn't feel that way when its in my hair meaning I don't have the sticky-icky feeling or the rock hard finish hairsprays tend to leave you with. I love spritzing this in my hair even on a normal daddy just to give my hair some life and volume.

I also decided to get the Label.m Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil as I had just ran out of my beloved Mythic Oil. I can be rather fussy when it comes to hair oils as my hair can be very easily weighed down, which is why I've always gone back to Mythic Oil as that dissolves into my hair without weighing it down. I found this hair oil does exactly the same it dissolves right into my hair leaving a lovely scent behind. Made up of 'eight of the most technologically advanced Anti-ageing ingredients and is designed to reverse the visible signs of ageing leaving hair looking strong, radiant and youthful.
label.m Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil is an ultra-light beautifying oil with luxurious Moroccan Argan Oil for instant transformation and exclusive Rejuven-8 Complex for long term rejuvenation to keep hair protected, nourished and younger looking. Quickly absorbed for a silky, natural feel and leaves hair soft and instantly shiny.' I find this perfect to use everyday as it keeps my recently coloured hair which has been very dry and tangly under control, I do find sometimes I need to use this twice a day but I honestly don't mind along as it keeps my ends from getting knotty, finally I also love the fact that leaves a lovely healthy looking shine to my hair.

Texturising Spray £12.95 | Hair Oil £26.25




  1. Amazing post with beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Ive wanted to try this texturising spray for so long now i just never needed to buy it to be honest


    1. its a thumbs up from me so I would say give it a go x


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