Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hair Care | Aenika Coconut Hair Oil Treatment | Review

When it comes to hair care give me all the products possible, my favourite hair care products are hair oils better still natural oils! Recently since having my hair coloured it has been mega dry and probably my hormones added to that won't have helped. I used to religiously apply natural hair oils but since having a toddler its not so easy.

I also used to mix natural oils to customise my own, recently I was approached by a lovely lady who has created the Aenika Coconut Hair Oil Treatment now although it says coconut in the name of this product this also contains; Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Indian Gooseberry and Sesame Seed oil. Now my favourite natural oils have to be coconut, almond and olive oils as they all aim and target different area with several benefits.

This treatment is basically to be heated up wither run under warm water or pop on top of the radiator, I like to then give it a little time to let the coconut oil harden just a little so it makes t easy to work with the texture when applying. Once applied leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes and if possible overnight, basically the longer you leave it in the better and then shampoo as usual, but you need to shampoo at least twice to make sure you've washed it out properly.

I have used this several times now and I cannot tell you how much my hair felt softer right from the first time using this, it was also less knotty and so much more manageable. The Fact this comes in a bottle with a pump and the texture works perfectly with the pump with no  clogging is a god send as hair oils can get messy. I love how this has a combination of 5 main ingredients/oils as this makes life so much easier. This generally has made me get back into the routine of giving my hair the care it needs and at just £23.99 I totally think it is worth the price which to be fair isn't as expensive at all!


  1. I've heard such good things about coconut oil for you hair at the moment, so glad people are starting to look away from chemical products to more natural ones!

    Steph -

    1. me too as a asian natural oils have been used for many many years in my family x


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