Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Valentines Day OOTD, MOTD, NOTD, HOTD

This Valentines Day was a rather special one as we had been for our 20 week baby scan the day before, so I was pampered to the max by my amazing husband and god did I need it. I guess when you're pregnant you kind of forget and feel left behind with stuff like clothes etc and you need someone to give you that little urge to keep you going.

I had my hair done and went all out I fancied a drastic change and from the before and after picture I guess you can see thats exactly what I ended up with. I didn't even realise the length of my hair until the lady took the before picture, I've pretty much kept my length just added some more layers to it and not to state the obvious I changed the colour.

After my scan hubby took me along to get my nails done, I went for something totally different to what I'd usually have done after finding some inspiration pictures on Instagram and finally I didn't want the square shape and neither the 'claw' shape so my nail technician gave me this lovely rounded version which I really like.

Finally on Valentines Day I was spoilt rotten with breakfast in bed, lovely flowers delivered to the door and then a few gifts which were a lovely surprise as I wasn't expecting any gifts. On the night we went for a lovely meal at Akbar's as I'm still quite funny with what I can stomach.

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