Sunday, 15 February 2015

Rainbow Volume S Brush | Review

The EyeCandy Rainbow Volume S Brush will give your hair maximum volume and fullness using the 
brush only once a day!
The EyeCandy Rainbow Volume S Brush is the world's first patented product featuring the unique and 
gentle S Curl brush teeth with a multitude of benefits:
  • Especially suitable for those with thin, fine hair due to its volumizing properties to achieve fuller hair. The air volume generated by the S curl teeth makes brushing easy to achieve gorgeous volume naturally without the use of chemically laden hairsprays and hair treatment products. 
  • The gentle S curl teeth with ball tips provide just the right amount of stimulation to your scalp, ease scalp irritation and gently protect the scalp. 
  • Suitable for any hair type, from straight to wavy or permed hair, hair passes through the S curl teeth easily. 
  • The specially designed S curl brush teeth help detangle and prevent tangled hair to maintain your hair style. 
  • The teeth of the hair follow the curvature of hair minimizing friction to leave your hair soft and shiny. 

I first saw the Rainbow Volume S Brush on The Sunday Girls blog under her usual new release posts, it really caught my attention and with anything that will give you volume has me sold straight away.

So I headed over to and placed my order and had it within my hands just a few days later. This brush originated from Japan, with rather funky looking wavy teeth, the balls on the ends of each tooth stimulate the scalp whilst the hair follows the shape of the teeth to give you natural volume.

I have been loyal to my Tangle Teezers ever since I discovered them, specially as my hair is going through a dry and tangled phase no other brushes exactly manage my hair as well so I was on the sceptical side. In respects to that I have to say this brush works just as perfectly as the Tangle Teezer and detangles my hair. Now I won't say I noticed amazing results of volume but I do have to admit it does add natural volume to the hair, when I've dried my hair and whilst its still warm I tilt my head forward and brush my hair, this works a treat at adding volume. This brush is also great to use daily and I love the fact it comes with a mirror on the back. What I do find is if I use gentle circular motions whilst it is pressed against my scalp it works a treat at creating a soft backcombed effect due to the friction. I have rather adapted to this brush well and I'm glad I have because my beloved Tangle Teezer was a little battered from two years worth of use.
Brush £12.00
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  1. I've been looking at this a bit lately. It looks so different and the fact it does give some natural volume is tempting me to try it.

    The Crown Wings

    1. even if it doesn't work so much for volume it is a great little brush x

  2. WOW I love the look of it and it sounds like even though you don't notice a dramatic difference it's worth a try as I do love my tangle teezer too xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. I love the mirror & how pretty it is! Have you seen mark hill's wonderball brush on amazon? Pixiwoo said its great for blow drying hair! X


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