Monday, 2 February 2015

New Release | Karla Powell Lip Brush Set | Review

Create the perfect pout with this New Improved set of 3 full size lip brushes, designed by Karla Powell MUA specially for professional creative work with glosses, pigments, creams and stains.The lip brushes are Vegan & Cruelty Free, made from taklon, a synthetic fibre. One of Karla's favourite synthetic hairs to work with. Taklon is a synthetic fibre which doesn't have a hair cuticle and has antibacterial properties, making it much better for the skin and applying lip products. They are soft yet firm synthetic bristles, making cream and gloss lip products easy to apply. Finished with a sleek black wooden handle, black metal ferrule and  fuschia pink Karla logo, packed perfectly in a black and pink box. Dream Together. 

KL1: The Filling Brush. A traditional lip brush with a rounded tip and firm point, designed to enable even application of all lip products, with precision focus for rapidly filling the lips. The bevelled shape allows for accurate lining of the lips without compromising on coverage.

KL2: The Precision Brush. A softer, more absorbent brush which produces an even, thin and perfectly straight line when defining the lips; eliminating the need for a lip pencil. The flat angle is designed to line the lips before filling with the KL1 brush.

KL3: The Cupid 's Bow Brush. This sharply-angled brush works to neatly trace the Cupid 's bow, defining the lip shape and creating a fuller pout, whilst preventing product from bleeding onto the skin.

This brush set is a recent improved release from Karla Powell, she previously brought out her brush set last year and decided to improve the set overall and released these. I don't actually have the first set to compare the two together. A little story behind the brush set's from what I read Karla was fed up of seeing lip brushes not correctly made by cosmetic companies, now its no secret that she is a master at lip art so for her to release a lip brush set I would think has come after many years of experience and knowledge.

The Karla Powell Lip Brush Set comes in this lovely black and pink presentation box in which the brushes are held down securely with little elasticated bands. Each brush is black and is printed with the code and Karla's name, I like that this time there is a colour scheme going on. The brushes are just the right weight to hold and work with, the bristles also feel firm and secure, each one customer around what its designed to do. I love how she has not only released this brush set but has taken the time to explain the purpose and steps of how to use each one, this set has gone straight into my kit! I have to to ally agree with her and the fact that lip brushes can be a hit and miss they need to be the right shape for you to get lipsticks looking crisp sharp and perfect. The right tools and brushes are the key to perfection!

Brush Set £15.00.
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  1. What an amazing idea! I love using brushes on lips as they defo give a better and more slick finish although using 3 brushes (and remembering to clean them!) would be a HUGE daily effort!
    x x | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Yep on the other hand we get three brushes to play with whichever works best for us, I guess lip brushes are a must specially with more pigmented lipsticks x

  2. I've wanted some lip. Brushes forever and these maybe worthy of a purchase. I think they may find thsemlves on my birthday wish list. The packaging is lovely too x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. I think they're a bargain for the price tag and I agree the presentation is on point x

  3. I only have 1 lip brush but I'm planing on getting more! This set sounds pretty amazing and the fact it has different shapes for different applications is better! The price is also friendly, may give it a try soon :) xx

    Mary Bloomy


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