Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquers | Review/Swatches

What I Believe, Keep Flying For You, Keep Crying For You, I Fall In Love, You Took My Love, Keep Lying For You, Depravity, Keep Trying For You, Rebel, Vamp, Black Heart.

Its no secret liquid matte lipsticks are huge right now! Here is a post on all the Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquers I previously reviewed Keep Trying For you and matched I off against the infamous Lime Crime Red Velvet which you can see here,

As these are more affordable options to the rest available on the market I decided to swatch all the shades by Makeup Revolution.

Rebel is an all time favourite of mine and reminds me of MAC's Rebel lipstick. The colours are great to mix and work together with to for example I mixed Vamp with Rebel to get a darker pay off. Like with every other version of liquid matte lipsticks the lighter shades have a slightly thicker texture as opposed to the bright pinks, reds and darker shades. For me these work perfectly and for the price tag I would never complain specially as there is so many dupes of the higher end versions available on the market.

 Lipsticks £3.00 each.
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  1. They are AMAZING!! Stunning colours!!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

    1. I love how they do matte finishes to these too x

  2. keep flying for you, such a perfect shade for the summer..little coral! I went to see bout this make up range, but I just didn't like it :>(




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