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Friday, 23 January 2015

New Release | Real Techniques Sculpting & Concealer Brushes | Review

Some of you will be happy to know Real Techniques have added two new brushes to their main line and I am relieved enough to tell you its a more positive review this time.

First up they have released a new Real Techniques Concealer Brush this is slightly more flat and covers quite a large area under the eye, it isn't the buffing type of brush but more so a sweep'y kind of brush. I think personally the density of the concealer brush is perfect, the longest bristles are quite long but the whole shape of the brush makes sure it gets right under the eyes and sweeps all the way across. It took me a couple of times using it before I could get used to it as I am personally used to using a buffing style brush. However this brush and the technique behind how to use this brush work just as perfectly.

Next up is my favourite kind of brush, I am forever looking for different styled brushes for contouring. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is quite so much different to what I've seen before in the terms of sculpting/contouring brushes, this one is definitely designed to be used in the hollows of your cheeks. It has a 'wide angled brush head' and pretty densely packed too which is why I was on two minds of whether it would work or not so obviously I put this to the test. To my surprise it worked perfectly without any hassle, holding the tip pointing down I basically placed this under my cheek bone and pulled backwards it was literally that easy, leaving no harsh lines and the perfect amount of product this gave me quite a neat contour finish. I have been using this daily as it gives more of a subtle contoured finish rather than the full on deep contour.

So both of these brushes are great and I'm glad to see them extending their infamous main line which all of us love. I'd love to see them extend their main line range even more.
Sculpting Brush £9.99 | Concealer Brush £7.99
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  1. Both of these look great brushes and I love the look of the concealer brush! Which brush do you prefer out of this sculpting brush and the Bold Metals Contour brush? I was really thinking about picking up the contour brush, but might settle for this alternative!

    1. Its a matter of personal preference and I guess the look u want to achieve, this one gives a more softer contour than the contour brush, I prefer this for daily and it requires little effort because if u get the application right then u don't need to blend x

  2. Replies
    1. It takes such little effort I've been using it daily x

  3. That sculpting brush looks fab, I love real techniques I'm dying to try the bold metals collection! xx

    1. Ahh the bold metals are such a lovely selection of brushes just ashame the price doesn't reflect what they're worth in my opinion however I love the sculpting brush x

  4. I love these brushes so nice

  5. I love Real Techniques brushes. They're such great quality for such a low price. Great review!


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