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Friday, 16 January 2015

New Release | Makeup Revolution Stripped & Bare Palette | Review/Swatches

Makeup Revolution Stripped & Bare Palette

Limited edition PROFESSIONAL LOOKS palettes are here.

3 LOOKS in 1 Palette. 15 eyeshadows in one sophisticated palette with full-size mirror.
Launching with the first 3 limited collections, BIG LOVE, STRIPPED & BARE, and EAT, SLEEP, MAKEUP, REPEAT
Containing 3 collections of 5 eyeshadows to create 3 different Pro Looks (or create your own!)

Contains 3 collections of 5 eyeshadows to create 3 different Pro Looks (or create your own!)

Here's a quick review on Makeup Revolution Stripped & Bare Palette the idea behind this palette is quite a clever idea the shades are set out for you to create three looks, 5 eyeshadows per look and in total consisting of 15 eyeshadows.

All the shades are organised in a way where you have a mixture of mattes, shimmers and mettalics, all ranging from light to dark shades basically making it perfect for to create a complete eye look. In the first selection you have nudes and a gold, in the second there is pinks and purples and in the third its greens and greys. If you like me you like to explore with your shades then you can even mix and match from each section.

Above I swatched a few of the shades from all three sections and one from each finish to give you a general idea of shades and finishes in this palette. I pretty much like the idea as some days most of us get a creative block and can't really think of exactly what look you'd like to go for that day. I have been using this palette myself to create some lovely day looks and have to say the shades pick up much better with a brush, paired with a good base and voila you're ready to go.

Palette £6.00
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  1. nice findin... i am learnin alot about makup

    1. Hope my blog helps u find and learn lots more

  2. The swatches are gorgeous! And I love the idea of the palette, it's great for a beginner ^_^

  3. The concept of this palette is impressive! It really amazes me the fact it has different shimmers and its organization is pretty different from the usual! Hope to try it soon :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

    1. Yes it really reflects that a lot of time and effort has gone into the product x

  4. These shadows look great! x


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