Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Release | Mac Lightness Of Being Collection | Review/Swatches

Last week I went on to order a new foundation from as its been a couple of years since I've used a MAC foundation and fancied a little change, this ended up being a crazy little haul of like 5+ foundations I'm not sure why I needed so many .. Probably just a move I made in the heat of the moment.

Anyway at this time they had released their new collection Lightness Of Being and I quite like the look of the blushers and mineralise finish so I decided to order these too. Typically there was a pinky and peachy shade in the blushers, all three come in the new packaging which I'm not too fond on honestly speaking but as for the blushers they have a little lip which helps when it comes to opening up the lid. They come in like a marble effect limited edition packaging. When I came to touch these for finger swatches I noticed the product is pretty firm for each one of these which was a little different to what I'm used to from MAC.

The blusher shades 'Please Yourself' (pink) and 'Uplifting' (orange) are pretty much very shimmery for me these didn't work so well as I'm olive skin toned all I could see on my cheeks was the sheerest amount of cloud with a hell of a lot of shimmer and sparkle, now for those of you who know me will know I'm not a fan of sparkles on my cheeks, I would've tried these as highlighters but the colour wouldn't work so well honestly speaking.

As for the Mineralize Skinfinish I chose the shade 'Perfect Topping' as I already have 'Lightscapade' although I would've loved to have picked that up in this limited edition packaging. However Perfect Topping is more of a neutralised highlighter on my skin tone but I quite like that and another plus for me is it contains no sparkles .. Yayy! However generally this shade is a warm pinky-peach shade although it looks slightly cooler on my hand swatch but that was just due to the lighting.

I didn't really pick any of the eyeshadows up as I try steer away from single eyeshadows these days and wasn't so sure about the rest of the collection. I definitely think this collection is a lot more suited towards paler ladies unless you're olive skinned and really like subtle makeup.

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  1. Such beautiful shades!! I love the blushes! x


    1. Its just a shame they aren't more pigmented x

  2. wow they are all absolutely beautiful!

  3. I am in love!! The pink one is amazing!!


    1. The pink one is the only one out of the blushers which shows up on me but then it has just too much shimmer/glitter for my liking x


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