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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

New Release | Clarins Garden Escape Collection | Review/Swatches

Clarins Garden Escape Collection
Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick - Coral Dahlia 
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Balm Perfectors

Its that time of the year when brands are releasing their Spring collections .. Clarins is the first one I'm reviewing this year.

It seems S/S trends will be more on the natural side for 2015 neutral earthy shades for eyeshadows, rosy glow cheeks, light coverage foundation basically seems like they are stripping it back to basics. I was reading on MAC's pro site they have something very similar to this in mind too.

Clarins have released a new lipstick shade, new Lip Oils which I'm pretty excited to try, a balm version to their Lip Perfecters (eek!), a new shade to their Crayon Khol range, 6-colour Eye Palette and a new shade to their Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour.

I will start of with reviewing for you 3 of the new Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector Balms .. if you loved the Instant Natural Light Lip Perfectors then brace yourselves as you will seriously love these, they are basically the same texture etc but in a balm version. The consistency of the balms are just like the originals, these basically melt on to the lips and have a rather sweet scent to them. The packaging of these is super cute and chic, simple yet effective. The size of the balm itself is rather smaller than the size of an average lip balm, I personally don't mind this in-fact I think they're rather cute. I have the shades; 03 which on myself is basically a clear tinted balm, 04 a lovely sheer coral shade and 05 which is a lovely sheer strawberry pink. On that note let me tell you if you like me are suffering from dry lips due to the weather then these will not leave your sight as these have become a saviour for me and don't for a second lack anything in keeping your lips well hydrated and not to forget these leave your lips looking plumed.

Finally I have the new shade lipstick which they have released as a part of the Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick range. This has a little more pigmentation than the balms, it comes in a lovely reddish-orange shade packed with a hell of a lot of pretty shimmer. I remember they released a few shades last S/S for this range, these seriously are perfect for those day you fancy a sheer wash of colour without going for something too bright nor washed out. I used the ones that released last S/S on holiday and they looked amazing with a no makeup/natural face.

Lip Perfectors £18.00 each | Lipstick £19.00
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