Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Release | Makeup Revolution #LIPHUG Lipsticks | Review/Swatches

Makeup Revolution #LIPHUG Lipsticks

When You Came To Me, Not Giving Up, Love Can Set You Free,  I Think You're Amazing, Save Me From Yourself 
Insatiable, Keeps The Planet Spinning, Saviour Will Come, We Have Come Too Far , To Get Lucky
Present Has No Living, End With Beginnings, She's Up All Night,  Want To Leave, I Wasn't Mixed Up
Good Fun, Lets Raise The Bar, Who We Are, I Am Ready, Still Missing My Baby
Today I introduce you to the Makeup Revolution #LIPHUG Lipsticks with a total of 20 colours there is a shade or more for everyone, from nudes to brights to darks.

These come in simple, sleek and glossy packaging with the Makeup Revolution logo imprinted in gold on the lipstick, each shade is colour code-labelled at the bottom which is really handy rather than just the name of the shade, I also couldn't help but notice the quirky names of each shade.

The texture on these is a bit like MAC's Patent Polish Lip pencils, sheer with great pigmentation which was a surprise I was expecting them to be more of a MAC Amplified lipstick range kind of finish. Nevertheless though I don't mind these as they are amazing for the colder days and keep my lips moist. What I love is how these can be worn like a tinted lip balm or they even work a treat over lip liners for a more opaque finish. Retailing at £2.50 each which is one hell of a bargain price they definitely feel more high end on the lips. I also love the hashtag name #LIPHUG it makes them sound very trendy and on another note they literally do hug the lips and give a decent wear of 5 hours on average which is amazing for the finish they come in. So come on which is your favourite shade as they have done one hell of an amazing job covering every kind of shade.

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  1. Great swatches. I definitely need to pick some of these up x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. Oooh I need me some of those, "I am ready" looks really 70's disco (a very very good thing).

    Jorden x

  3. Love the pictures! There are definitely some good shades here :)

    1. definitely a shade for everyone in there x

  4. This helped me so much! <3

    Gorgeous swatches!


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