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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Release | Lime Crime Pansy Velvetine | Review/Swatches

I am mega excited to share with you the new addition to Lime Crime's Velvetines range, now I love a matte lipstick and from all the ones I've personally tried so far my absolute favourites are Lime Crime's Velvetines. I have a crazy love for purple lipsticks and this was just another reason for why I was excited to hell to get my hands on this. Roughly around the same time Lime Crime have also released another new shade Cashmere this is more of a nude grunge shade they have said that its a shade which will look unique on everyone and will suit each skin tone but I'm not so sure it will go well for me plus it was sold out at the time I placed my order.

So I ordered Pansy which was to be one of the first Velvetines to be released but they couldn't get the formula perfect which is why it's taken so long to release but boy can I tell you this may just have to be the one with the best formula out of them all. It is very liquidy and once dry this does NOT move. I also found unlike with Utopia Velvetine this one doesn't fade around the inner lips leaving you with the chola lip which is another bonus! In their description this is described as a 'true, rich, velvety purple' as you can see from my hand swatch to lip swatches there is quite a difference I would say it is more true to the swatches on my lips, there I have two layers of this on whereas a single fine layer is what it looks like on the hand swatches. So basically it's almost a violet'ish purple but u need at least two layers for you to have no patches, the more you layer the more of a true purple it becomes.

I have to give it to Lime Crime as purple lipsticks are pretty difficult to get the textures right never mind getting a matte lipstick right without the texture being too thick and cloggy, for example I tied a similar product in similar shade from a high street brand and that was truly one epic fail. From the texture to the lasting power Lime Crime have created a winner here! These two new shades are apparently exclusive to just their website so I had to order direct from them, I placed my order on the 23rd of this month and a week later I had my package which is pretty impressive, in total with shipping it cost me just over £20.00 which is on average £3-£4 more than what I would have paid including delivery if I was to purchase from a UK stockist.

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