Thursday, 20 November 2014

Stila Magnificent Metal Eye Liners | Review/Swatches

Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Liners

Stila Magnificent Metals Eye Liner is a handmade eye liner shadow with a deep shimmering finish.
Inspired by New York Fashion Week, Magnificent Metals Eye Liner allows you to create a bold, breath-taking effect. Featuring new cutting edge technology, this innovative eye liner delivers the blackest of black colour with a hint of colourful glistening colour to shine through.
The unique texture glides onto the eyelid effortlessly and creates a truly unique, multi-dimensional metallic finish, previously only achievable by layering multiple products. Magnificent Metals Eye Liner can also be used to create a smokey, opaque eye shadow with a shimmering finish.

I had seen the Stila Metal Eyeshadows around for some time and I was wanting to try them for a while but then I seen the Stila Magnificent Metal Eye Liners and I decided I really want to give these a go.

The texture of these I was pretty surprised by I would definitely say it is unique. I used my MAC 209 Eyeliner Brush and to be honest the texture is pretty clumpy and proved a little difficult to apply as an eyeliner, I have however used a flat brush to apply these all over and they seemed to work a lot better although its a little difficult to apply them all over evenly. The gel seems to work fine but it was glitter particles that seemed to clump together and was a little difficult to even out. It is recommended to use these with the Stila #36 brush which comes with a similar end to the MAC 209 brush and the other end is a flat styled brush.

Overall these cost £24.00 each but for me didn't do exactly what they are designed to do, maybe they would work better with the recommended brush but however I use these over a black base/eyeshadow and they create an amazing look. 

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  1. Hi Aqeela :). I love Sitla eye-shadow/eyeliner swatches. I need to buy some more actually. xx

    1. How do you get on with these, what are your thoughts? x


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