Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Skin Care | Indeed Labs pepta-bright | Review

Indeed Labs Pepta-Bright

I recently seen Indeed Labs pepta-bright on their Instagram and also seen a few bloggers I follow review this, the fact I have suffered with pigmentation since using steroid creams on my face has really got me subconscious about my skin plus due to areas I have it shows up no matter how much I conceal I feel I know its there which is usually the case.

So I was rather excited to give this a go and somewhat hopeful too as others had positive results. Packaging is the standard from Indeed Labs which I quite like it has a rather refreshing feel about it but yet simple and effective at the same time. I started using this religiously day and night under my moisturiser as instructed, the consistency of this is rather like a moisturiser itself and caused no problems for me when I wore makeup over. One thing I must say is though the scent is a rather strong unpleasant chemical kind of smell, I personally persevered with it as I didn't mind if I got the results I wanted.

On to the results, in the first week I saw my larger pigmented patches started shrinking which I was quite happy to see, by the end of the third week all my smaller scarring from spots etc had gone and the larger pigmented areas had cleared up in some areas and in other areas shrunk quite considerably. I am still using this and if it can clear up the last few patches I would be totally blown away by this but I will not take away exactly how much this product has helped clear up my skin. The best part is non of Indeed Labs products contain any nasties which just up's there products to another level. Overall I would highly recommend this as I didn't think I'd ever get clear or rid of the pigmentation patches I had, I can happily say my complexion is a lot clearer too!
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  1. I love those kind of products! My skin looks amazing since I started with chemical peels!
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    1. I've never really used a chemical peel but hear about them a lot x

  2. This sounds like it would be so effective for long time use. Great review.

  3. Oh wow this sounds impressive, definitely need to consider giving this a go xxx


    1. I cannot say enough good things about this seriously x


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