Tuesday, 4 November 2014

New Release | Eyelure Warm Smokey Eye - Get The Look Kit | Review/Swatches

 A beauty box to provide you with all the tools you need for a perfect warm smokey eye look.
Pack includes:
Eye shadow applicator sponge
3 eye shadow shades: Gold, Plum, Charcoal.
Black liquid eyeliner
Black mascara
Style 107 glue on strip lashes and glue: these will give your natural lashes definition; fullness and length.

You will remember me reviewing a bunch of new products by Eylure one of them was the Eyelure Warm Smokey Eye - Get The Look Kitthis beauty box is one four they have released each one is based around a theme for example Cool Smokey Eye Kit, Natural Eye Kit etc.

I decided to try the Warm Smokey Eye Kit not sure why but each kit comes in a sturdy thick cardboard box with a elastic band to keep the front flap close, I must say the cardboard isn't the cheap type that will get indented, creased, marked easily. The box is full of get the look instructions on the inner flap which also has a handy sized mirror. On the back of the packaging is lash application tips. I must admit this kit has literally everything you would need to create a full eye look.

Theres literally only two things I could criticise about this kit, one I would've loved for them to include a highlight shade and secondly I think the box could've been made much slimmer in width making it easy to store but they aren't major issues and theres not actually anything wrong with the products included in all honesty.

I was impressed that they even added a liquid liner and mascara! The eyeshadows glide on with no hassle and are more subtle kind of eyeshadows which can easily be intensified. I even wet and angled brush and applied the shade 'Charcoal' under my lower lash line and then went over with the eyeshadow on a clean brush dry and smudged the two together to get a lovely smokey eye kind of effect. The fact that they have even included eyelashes and glue makes this kit a huge value for your money!

Kit £19.50
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  1. LOVE little sets like this, they are amazing as they are good value!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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    1. Definitely and nice to see a more pocket friendly option on the market x

  2. OOH I am obsessed with eyelure and didn't know about this, what a great value, cute set xx


  3. This looks amazing for christmas gifts x


    1. It would definitely make a lovely gift x


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