Friday, 7 November 2014

Holiday Collection 2014 | MAC Holiday Keepsakes Collection Haul 2 | Review/Swatches/Haul

MAC Objects Of Affection/Pink + Rose + Pigments + Glitter
MAC Objects Of Affection Nude + Coral Lipglass
MAC Keepsakes Coral Lip Bag
MAC Keepsakes Nude Lip Bag

Phew thats all the pictures done now time to hear me ramble! As you will have read from my MAC Haul part 1 link I wasn't hugely impressed with the selection specially in the Lip & Eye bag I felt like it was lacking products etc.

I however think the total opposite with all the items I picked above especially the lip bags I love how they all come with a full size lip liner and lipstick unlike last year they only included sample sized lip liners. I also love how the whole concept of the lip bags and the shades they have put together but would have probably preferred the lipsticks to be in an amplified finish as I'm not the keenest on the lustre finish.

The glitter & pigment sets last year were a huge hit so I'm happy to see they released more sets this year. I already have the shade rose which I will probably sell the full size one. Other than that I am pretty happy with the shades in the set I picked up.

Finally I picked up the MAC Nude & Coral Lipglass set as I have a decent selection of plums, pinks, and nude browns so corals were a shade I lacked in my kit which is why I picked up this set.

Finally the one thing I am impressed with this year is the packaging they have gone all out with the packaging and I much prefer it over last years, I must add some of the glitter did come off the makeup bags onto my hand. I also love the glitter encrusted boxes they will come really handy for storing bobby-pins etc in. Finally the packaging of the actual products; they have gone matte black with the lipsticks and lipliners with shiny contrasting dots and shiny dots on the lipglass set and pigments, which is simple yet pretty! I have to admit I'm happy with everything I picked up in this haul.
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  1. i am in love with those pigments! what beautiful sets!

    1. The plum shade is my absolute favourite from that set x

  2. really beautiful collection, I especially like coral lip bag!
    My Beauty Blog

    1. Both lip bags are my favourite wish they had more selection of shades available x

  3. I definitely think the packaging is gorgeous too!!! I am in love with it and went straight to the site to have a look after your last post xx

  4. Those pigments look beauts!!!


    1. Its a shame I couldn't get my fingers into the pots to get proper swatches but they're definitely amazing x

  5. Wow this looks amaaazing!! Love the packaging too!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard


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