Thursday, 27 November 2014

Holiday 2014 Collection | Tarte Holiday Collection | Review/Swatches

Tarte Ladies Who Lash
Tarte Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette
Tarte Sweet Dreams

Ok before I even start I would like to say I know most of these aren't available to us in the UK but I know how many of you place orders with Sephora so thought I'd show you this beautifulness!

Tarte have really done it with their holiday collection it is all over Instagram to the ones who can access it more easily than us UK peeps seriously appreciate it. From the packaging to the gift sets they haven't lacked in any single area and theres literally something for everyone be it stocking fillers or gifts for someone or even better a treat for yourself.

I have a few items from their holiday collection firstly the Tarte Ladies Who Lash A lot you get a set of eyelash curlers which are bigger than average to ensure you catch every lash, it comes embellished with pearls making it super pretty, they have also thrown in a Lights Camera Lashes Mascara in a deluxe sample size.

Next up I was excited to try the Tarte Tres Chic Park Ave Princess Contour Palette I actually doubted it would suit my skin tone but I was amazed to find it actually was just on point specially for the days I want to contour but not go for a heavy contour and its great for wearing daily. In this palette you get a contour shade, highlighter and dusty pink blusher making it perfect to finish your cheeks from just one palette rather than having to reach out for a highlighter or blusher as you have it all in one palette.

Finally I was super excited for the Tarte Sweet Dreams gift set intact I equaled a little at the prettiness. This was my first time trying a range of different eyeshadows from Tarte and believe me when I say I was super impressed. The gift set has four sections on one side each section has 4 eyeshadows and a blusher each can be pulled out and slipped into the mint green quilted smaller palette making it so much more easier to throw it into your makeup bag when travelling away! You also get three lip glosses, a sample size Lights Camera Lashes mascara. This is the ultimate gif set for anyone, I know if I was gifted this I would be one happy girl!

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  1. That Sweet Dreams set looks amazing!

    1. Its so pretty and versatile, I love the little portable palette you can take out x

  2. Oh lord, my eyes cannot take it!! So so nice. That eyelash curler?!?! AMAZING.

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Tarte really do create some of the prettiest packaging x

  3. Replies
    1. Such a pretty set of curlers and I love how u get a mini mascara with it too x

  4. what a gorgeous collection! x

    I've got a mac lipstick giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look :)

    1. It sure is and thank you for letting me know x


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