Friday, 17 October 2014

New Release | Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette | Review/Swatches

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby eye shadow palette features four new frosted shades. A high-glitz eyeshadow collection for living dolls. Ultra girly, shimmery shades to satisfy your sweet tooth!
The cute palette includes:
  • Kitten Parade - soft peach with gold shimmer.
  • Frostine - light lilac with shimmer (vegan).
  • Candycrush - pale aqua blue with silver shimmer (vegan).
  • Hotsy Totsy - bright hot pink satin with a slight blue sparkle.

If you haven't already heard or seen it already Sugarpill have released a new palette! They are well known for their striking colours and palettes, to date I have only tried all their matte shades which are some of the best to date. I first bought my first palette before I first got into blogging over 2 and a half years ago, since then I have all the quads, some single eyeshadows and even their Elektrocute Neon Pigments. I must also add all of Sugarpill's palettes contain bigger pan sizes almost double your average if not three times bigger.

This brand is one that surely doesn't get as much hype as it deserves, back when I discovered Sugarpill I bought directly from their website and wasn't aware it is available so readily here in the UK, there is a few stockists of Sugarpill such as Cocktail Cosmetics, Love-Makeup and Cute Cosmetics.

I love how this brand is not one thats shy when it comes to brights, darks, pigmentation and the newest release Sugarpill Sparkle Baby palette which brings us pastel shades too! I think these pastel like shades in the frost finish are possibly the best combination in order for pastels to be so pigmented. The palette doesn't just contain pastels we have hot pink in there two, the first two shades Kitten Parade and Frostine are both almost like duo chrome colours, then we have Pale Aqua which has silver shimmer and the best part is the hot pink shade Hotsy Totsy comes with blue sparkles which almost look purple due to the combination.

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby is one cute girly kind of palette but the eyeshadows can also be used with contrasting shades for a extra dimensional kind of look not only that these shades mix so well with more pigmented shades for ever more extreme colour pay-off like I added Poison Plum with Frostine to the crease in the pic below. I literally cannot put it any simpler than I love this palette!

Here's a look I created using the shades from this palette and Poison plum and Tako:

Palette: £24.95

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  1. That left shade is gorgeous! x

    1. I love the fact these can be bought as singles too x

  2. WOW the eye look you created is amazing and I love this pallette it really is vibrant and gorgeous xxx


    1. Thank you, Sugarpill definitely don't fail at making pigmented eyeshadows x

  3. These shades are so damn pretty! I've never bought any of their shadows yet but I would totally be keen on this quad, especially for the first and third shades!

    1. These can be bought as separates too if thats of any interest, I would highly recommend their eyeshadows the pigmentation is insane x

  4. I love the colour "candy crush"! Such a gorgeous palette and the look you created is lovely! x

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