Saturday, 4 October 2014

New Release | Nanshy Masterful Collection Make-Up Brush Set | Review

Nanshy Masterful Collection Pearlescent White Make-Up Brush Set 

Its no secret I am a lover of Nanshy products I haven't been disappointed to date, I own practically everything from this brand. You will have read my post a few weeks ago on their Brush Belt link in that I also mentioned how the brand are releasing new products and generally had a makeover. I still have my first set of brushes and use them religiously, they are still going strong that is exactly how much quality this brand holds and whats even better is they are a lot more affordable than the average brush brands on the market at the moment. I must say I am loving the new packaging which definitely adds a luxury feel to the brand!

So when I heard they were releasing the new Nanshy Masterful Collection Make-Up Brush Set I knew I had to get my hands on this set, this features 12 new brushes different to what they already have in the past sets. The set features all brushes from face to lips and eyes and trust me when I say this has every brush you could possibly need specially eye brushes you won't be failed. Had I have known of this brand when I first started getting my kit together it would've been the first lot of brushes in their no doubt but even now these brushes get used more than any others in my kit. The eyeliner is my favourite I use this now over my MAC eyeliner brush it has the perfect length and is fine enough to create the perfect winged look.

The quality of the brushes just cannot be faulted in anyway at all, they are super soft so no scratchy feeling which even some MAC brushes have and I've experienced no shedding wither again I have experienced this with some of my MAC brushes. I love Nanshy brushes to the extent I recommend these to anyone without batting an eyelid!

You can also get 20% off using the code masterful20 this went live on Wednesday for 72 hours so you still have time to get the discount, this set is available in both Pearlescent White or Onyx Black!
Brush Set £49.95
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  1. I really like the look of these, I've seen Nanshy about before but never looked into them as a brand! x

    Sophie | Obsessive Compulsive Beauty

  2. This looks amazing, I only have a couple of Nanshy brushes but I'd love to get some more! xo

  3. I loooove Nanshy brushes too! I use them in both my personal and pro kit, so soft without shedding!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

    1. no shedding is a key with Nanshy glad Im not the only one x


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