Sunday, 19 October 2014

Brand Focus | Dove Hair Care | Review

Dove Hair Care Range

If you remember I reviewed some new additions from Dove's hair care range not so long ago link, I decided to try some more products from their other ranges.

There is a total of four ranges previously I reviewed products from their Pure Dry Oil and Oxygen Moisture range, I have used them products regularly since trying them and can say its safe for me to say most of my hair care range is Dove.

This time I decided to try the Youth Vitality range mainly, the products are designed to deeply replenish hair and nourish hair to leave it more manageable as well as stronger. I got the shampoo, conditioner and thickening essence. Firstly again all the products smell divine and its not a scent that wears off anytime soon, like I previously said this is one main thing I look for in hair care products. I have noticed the ends of my hair don't break so much anymore since starting to use this shampoo and conditioner duo for 3 times a week. What I was most excited for is the Thickening Essence, have you noticed mainly all volume products are designed to be used at the roots, well this is the first product I have seen designed to be used from mid-length down to the tips of the hair. The best thing is it really does work, my hair felt more volumised and looked like it had double the volume and thats without exaggeration! I also noticed since adding volume from mid-length down my hair wasn't weighed down as mush which meant it didn't start to go oily at the roots, its definitely something worth trying!

I am currently still trying the Souffle Treatment from the Oxygen Moisture range, this is another product which helps give you volume. I actually had to look up directions of how to use and its a product which you wash-out. The idea behind this product is to give you volume and moisture both at the same time. I am so far enjoying this but cannot give a full detailed review as yet until I don't feel confident enough to do so. What I can say is Dove will be a part of my hair care products for a very long time.

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