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Brand Focus | Benefit They're Real Mascara & Push Up Liner | Review/Swatches

Benefit They're Real Mascara & Push Up Liner

Its no secret I'm a lover of Benefit They're Real Mascara I've been buying this ever since they discontinued Get Bent which I seriously swore by, I love They're Real which was a improved version with a revised formula etc however I still do wish they kept the slanted brush. Nevertheless its no secret once this mascara is on it will NOT budge. Its rare to find a mascara which volumizes as well as lengthens and this mascara is one that does exactly that. Not only that but once your lashes are coated in this it will keep them upright until the point of you coming to remove it. The brush is perfect too I much prefer plastic ones over bristles as it makes it so much easier to get to lashes individually but is it just me or is it only few brands can get thee whole plastic applicators bang on perfect. Anyway I can't fault the brush this comes with, it also has a spikes on a ball at the tip of the brush which is perfect to get to the inner lashes and for bottom lashes. I can safely say this is one of two mascaras I reach for daily as favourites.

Well it'll also be no surprise when I tell you they extended their range with the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner which is one hell of a unique liner to say the least. Honestly speaking I was very skeptical when it came to the liner and I put it off ever since the release as it was one hype I was reluctant to try due to being doubtful about its performance. What is it .. well this is a gel liner in a pen version with a very soft and flexible tip applicator, you twist the bottom and it pushes up the gel liner. What were my thoughts .. well I wasn't expecting precision for one and secondly I was expecting the formula to crumble. So I put it to the test clicking only the tiniest amount of product out and working slowly bare in mind I watched lots of youtube tutorials to see how it preformed and the results which I wasn't so pleased about. I have been a gel liner junkie for the best of the past 7-8 years so have tried practically everything. Ok results I was impressed, yes you heard it IMPRESSED! I may have to bite my words of what I had said about my views based on majority of the other bloggers reviews, if you work with this liner right then boy will you be pleased, pigmentation is one biggy I look for and secondly precision the above pictures are my first ever time trying this. The key idea is to work with a little at a time and when you come to the wing start furtherest out with the outer tip and work inwards and it really is that simple! I have since been using this daily due to how easy it is to use, besides staying power at 8+ hours I experienced no crumbling or fading and I can say from experience it is the most 'lash hugging' liner! There's lots of offers on at the moment where you can pick the duo up for a decent price currently Boots have it on offer so you can buy the mascara and get a sample size Push Up Liner free link.

Mascara & Liner £19.50
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  1. Finally a review I agree with!! So many people hating on the They're Real liner but I love it and totally agree that it definitely is lash hugging and soo pigmented too - love it!

    Chloe x

    Chloe's Way

    1. I'm so so glad I tried this for myself otherwise I would have had the impression in my head i hate it, Its such an amazing eyeliner x

  2. They have a thing at the moment called 'The Real Steel' which is a full size mascara with a mini liner. I haven't used the liner yet, but I've heard really bad reviews on it. I hope I can make my liner look like your's though, then I will be happy!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. work with two clicks at a time I used two clicks per eye and it worked just fine :) I seen the Real Steel too amazing way for anyone to try the eyeliner x

  3. Love the They're Real mascara and wanted to try the liner out since it started making the rounds but didn't know whether it was worth the money! Might have to take advantage of that Boots offer!
    Laura x FloraLoo Two


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