Friday, 31 October 2014

2014 Holiday Collection | Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette | Review/Swatches

On Tuesday I happened to pass through Urban Decay's new UK website only to see this long awaited palette was available along with their other holiday releases. I obviously added to basket without wasting any time I also picked up the new Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash which I will review at some point.

Anyway this palette along with the lipstick set and also a free sample size Urban Decay All Nighter Spray were all ordered and on their way to me I was a excited bunny to say the least! As this was my first time ordering from the UK Urban Decay website I didn't know what to expect, how long to wait and how it would be delivered. I only ever received one email confirming my order, on the email it directed me to my account if I'd like to track my parcel which I tried to do but it wouldn't work, nevertheless I eagerly waited.

Yesterday my parcel arrived via Fedex which was reassuring that it was a added bonus considering the free delivery. Straight away I opened my parcels like you do obviously lol. I opened the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette out of the packaging only to notice a scratch on my outer casing bottom-left corner (see fourth pic) AND a nail scrape in the eyeshadow bottom left (see seventh pic)! I wasn't amused to say the least so rung up, the lady was not friendly at all spoke in one tone nor higher nor lower without being much help I had to get the answers out of her myself! Basically told to return the palette for a refund or replacement, I received no apology, no gesture of goodwill, just nothing despite me telling her I am a blogger not care was given by her! As I can't be bothered with the hassle I decided to just keep the palette! And guess what another lady who ordered their Vice 3 palette from the same website received hers with a scratch too!

On to the palette now I've finished rambling and thank you if you've stuck with me til this far lol! The outer top casing has a kind of mirrored effect with some graphics running through the middle and the Vice 3 logo in lime green just like the Vice Ltd Edition palette which I reviewed hereI think I prefer the shade selection in this palette over the Vice Ltd Edition selection. Whilst I've been waiting for the Vice 3 to release the shades I was drawn to the most were Alchemy, Bondage and most of all Sonic. Bobby Dazzle is a shade what blew me away only once I swatched it, in the pan it looks like your normal white shade but its actually got golden shimmer in it! The brush in this palette is exactly same as well as same colour as the one in the Vice Ltd Edition palette, I'm actually not sure why they kept the same lime green colour theme in this palette too it seems a like they were rushed to get the palettes made so couldn't decided on another colour theme. Finally this palette is much slimmer in width probably half the width of the other Vice palettes, hurray it means more room when storing them I have a sole shelf full of Urban Decay palettes but god they are bulky!

Overall I love the palette so far I will create some looks next week and have a proper play. On the downside I won't be ordering from the Urban Decay UK website again!

Palette £42.00

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  1. this palette looks amazing i love all of the colours! i may have just added it to my christmas list…. :)

    1. I hope u managed to get it along with lots of other lovely xmas presents x

  2. I am debating to get this or not! I have the Vice 2 and I rarely use it... but the shades look great! x

    1. I have that problem every time but can never hold back when it comes to UD x


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