Monday, 1 September 2014

Skincare | Tarte Maracuja Skincare Range | Review

Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment
Tarte Maracuja Oil

Ok its not secret I have to be careful with my skin as little things will trigger it off so I'm very selective of what I use. This is exactly why I wanted to introduce you to Tarte's Maracuja range which works around brightening the skin, leaving you with healthier looking skin. Made up of one specific ingredient 'rare Amazonian fruit - Maracuja' these fruits are planted once a year and hand picked and hand made oil from the oil pressed from the Maracuja fruit.

I've been using both these each night for the past 2-3 weeks, the eye cream is a pretty thick texture so you really need to be light handed, I found it sinks in really well and my eyes feel so much more refreshed by morning and hydrated. If I find my eyes lacking moisture I also top up with this during the day, I've used the eye cream under makeup too and it works just too whereas with some eye creams they've left my lids oily meaning a horrible break down of eye makeup. The cream comes in a glass jar which should be stored in a cool place so when you apply your eyes get an instant cool and refreshing feeling.

The Maracuja Oil is the same texture as your typical face oil, it takes a little longer than the eye cream to sink in but I don't mind as my skin needs the hydration and for this one point I was really impressed with this oil I wake up every morning with very soft skin, all my dry patches are tamed pretty well too. I love the press button-dispenser applicator thats built into the lid it its so much easier than the squeezy ones! I ale use this oil on any eczema I have on my arms it works one hell of a treat. I also love the bamboo effect packaging this oil comes packed in definitely not something I've seen before.

Both these are however on the pricier side making them more luxury skincare, but its been a long time since something has worked well with my skin for over a week before kicking my dermatitis off .. Would I purchase these again .. yes! For me my skin is very important I've never appreciated it so much in my life until these past 10 months!

Eye Cream £29.00 | Face Oil £35.16
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  1. I adore the packaging of these! - Summer x

    1. The oil packaging is just mind blowing and luxurious x

  2. I love the exterior packaging and it's great it doesn't trigger you off, I get bad acne patches so I have to be careful what skincare I use too it's so frustrating xxxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. I hate that I have to watch everything I use :( but yes this worked amazingly x


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