Monday, 15 September 2014

New Release | Sigma Steady Glow Collection | Review/Swatches

Sigma Steady Glow Collection

I am all for glowing/dewy looking season recently specially for A/W teamed with a deep lipstick it looks just about perfect so to see Sigma have released the Steady Glow Collection it would be an understatement to say I was excited!

The collection includes; Loose Shimmers, Shimmer Creams, Inner Rim Brightener Pencils, Smoke Screen Palette and Lipglosses.

I have two Shimmer Creams, Loose Shimmer and a Inner Rim Brightener pencil.

Inner Rim Brightener - Final Touch:
Final Touch - A very soft pink for a subtle brightening and taming any yellow discolouration around the eye.

Honestly speaking I didn't see this pencil do much for me personally as I use a concealer anyway, the texture is quite soft and blends easily, maybe too easily, I think if it had more pigmentation to it then it would've worked better for me. However I do think this shade would work better on paler complexions and it does work well as a under-brow highlighter.

Shimmer Cream - Brilliant & Superb:
Brilliant: Soft peachy pink
Superb: Peach gold

I am more of a powder kinda girl as any cream products always need setting with a powder anyway but what I have noticed is the shades available in cream style products are some you won't really see in a powder version this might be due to pigmentation. Brilliant is perfect for a pink highlighter be it on the bridge of your nose or on your cheek bones again you will have to set with a translucent powder. However Superb is one hell of a stunning colour not one you'd usually see amongst similar products there is a downfall though it contains much, much more cream/oil to it. I wouldn't feel comfortable at all using this as a highlighter on my face the texture is easily comparable to a lip gloss although I'm not pretty sure how it'd wear on the lips.

Loose Shimmer - Ambrosia:
Shade: Ambrosia 
Colour Description: Soft antiqued pink Finish: Shimmer

As you can see I removed the sifter part to this product this was due to the texture being rather thick and wasn't really filtering through proper. However this is a stunning shade it can be used in any way you like although on my skin tone it works perfectly as a highlighter, if you have a light complexion this would work well as a blusher, I have also used this as a highlighter on the eyes and again it worked perfectly.

Overall I'm 50/50 about this collection that Sigma have released, I would lived to see a compact style highlighter preferably in a gold shade as I find these are much harder to come by and I have been on the search for one for a while now so if you know of any please let me know, anything that is comparable to MAC's Whisper of Guilt.
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  1. I love Superb, it's gorgeous! :-D

    Love, Christine
    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

    1. Thats the one I was most drawn to, ashame about the texture though x

  2. They look amazing! You always find the most gorgeous products and make me want EVERYTHING!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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    1. Haha I think its the fact we both love similar products x

  3. I love the shimmer creams, they look amazing x


    1. Me too except superb the texture has really let it down for me x


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