Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dupe | MAC Diva Dupe | Review/swatches

Saleha Crazy Love MAC Diva Dupe
Left swatch MAC Diva - Two right swatches Saleha Crazy Love

Something a little different today .. I wasn't intending on doing a dupe post but when I was taking pictures I couldn't but think how much this Saleha Beauty lipstick reminded me of MAC Diva so I decided to swatch them off against each other only to find this is one hell of a good dupe!

Saleha is an American makeup artist who decided to run her own makeup line at the moment there is a total of 7 lipsticks which work out at roughly just under £12.00. The difference between Saleha's Crazy Love and MAC's Diva lipstick is the Saleha lipstick smells minty which I personally don't mind, both are matte but I prefer the texture of Crazy Love its so much easier to work with, pigmentation is just as amazing and the packaging for Crazy Love has to be the winning point. Although I was expecting the bullet and packaging to be metal but its quite a lightweight plastic which was a tad disappointing nevertheless I still prefer it over MAC's typical packaging.

Including p&p I paid just under £19.00 which I guess is a few pounds more than MAC but I guess if you was to order more than one it balances off the p&p cost which isn't so bad compared to some of the international shipping costs, I luckily didn't have to pay any custom charges either. So generally this is probably the best dupe you would find that would come the closest based on colour-payoff. I am looking at ordering some more in the next few weeks as I was pretty pleased with this lipstick.

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