Sunday, 7 September 2014

Brand Introduction | MeMeMe Cosmetics | Review/Swatches

MeMeMe Cosmetics
MeMeMe Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss
MeMeMe Coral Blossom

MeMeMe is a brand I'd heard about quite abit in the blogging world and one of their products what has always got a lot of hype would be the Cheek & Lip Tints which have even been compared to Benefit's Cheek Tints but at a much affordable price so I was pretty excited to see this for myself.

The one I have is in the shade Coral called 'Coral Blossom' which is typical peachy coral shade. The packaging and products generally don't have a high street feel to them but more so I slightly more expensive feel to them yet not so high end either, I love the applicator they have designed for this product it is similar to the nail varnish kind of applicators with a brush end. Unfortunately for me this blended straight into my skin shade which I was slightly disappointed about overall I would've loved this product had the pigment been much stronger, it may work on ladies of a lighter skin tone than me.

The nail polish comes in typical nail polish packaging, I love pinks so this shade is perfect. I would say this polish went roughly 4 days before it chipped which I guess is pretty average. The nail varnishes claim to condition the nails at the same time but I never keep polishes on for very long so I couldn't say I noticed a difference but it didn't leave my nails feeling dry either when I removed it.

Generally the products are quite average, however the Cheek & Lip Tint didn't live up to the expectations I had for it or what I'd read to date about it. I would however still want to try the other shades to see if they work better for me.

Cheek & Lip Tint £5.50 | Nail Polish £5.00

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