Sunday, 14 September 2014

Brand Focus | Body Shop | Review/Swatches

The Body Shop
The Body Shop Aloe & Soft Linen Scented Candle
The Body Shop Eyeshadow Brush
The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette

Ok is it just me or have I been living in a different world! I knew Body Shop did Oil Burners but Candles???? They probably did but even then I tend to walk past the Oil Burners. The candles come in a sturdy jar and the scent of this candle, well its definitely unique, refreshing and calming. Its definitely a candle which you has a strong and lasting smell which is what I look for in candles. This now sits on my landing and on days I am cleaning this definitely lifts my mood. I'd definitely like to try more from their home fragrance range.

Their Eyeshadow brush is not the type of eyeshadow brush I'd reach for to apply eyeshadow with as it is a flat based eyeshadow I tend to reach for this style of brush for applying a eye primer/base. However the Body Shop brushes come with their logo printed on the brush along with the name of the brush which is always handy they also have a flat bottom so you can stand them up. These were my first makeup brushes about 8 years ago along the line I think I kind of forgot about them as my collection grew.

Finally the Shimmer Cubes again I picked up my first set of these many years ago, I think the packaging and the whole concept of these are amazing they can be used wet or dry and to be honest the Eyeshadow brush works perfectly with these. There is a various range of colours available in these and I'd say they are definitely more on the shimmery and subtle side. What I do think Body Shop should do is release a palette in which people who have more than one set can place them. There is one niggle though placing the lid back onto the cubes can get tricky without you nicking the product itself

Candle £10.00 | Brush £9.00 | Eyeshadows £16.00
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  1. I've always wanted to try their Shimmer Cubes, they look amazing and so pigmented!
    I never knew they did candles either, eventhough I'm a hoarder of their fragrance oils. :p

    1. I have always seen the fragrance oils too but never the candles. The shimmer cubes are lovely plus you get lots of products x

  2. I love the shimmer cubes the effect is amazing but they are fiddly it's a pain in the bum, I didn't know they did candles either I wana pick one up now xx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Maybe if they did a palette to hold the shimmer cubes and us not have to take the lids ff these would be perfect x

  3. Replies
    1. I love them just wish they weren't so much hassle x


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