Saturday, 9 August 2014

Denman Tangle Smoother | Review

Denman Tangle Smoother

Since trying the Tangle Teezer I have been a convert, that for me is a staple I have tried other brushes but always end up back to it. Its the one brush what has give my hair the most loving ever!

So when I seen the Denman Tangle Smoother I was naturally excited to try and see it compares off against the Tangle Teezer.

Firstly there's no surprises that the bristles are different! This comes in the style of a typical brush, it also has a padded base to allow bounce, flexibility and movement for the bristles. Now I have to say I prefer a padded base hover for a smoother I like the idea of rubber/plastic bristles as I find they are much more friendlier for the hair. I also prefer the style of the Tangle Teezer as it allows you to grip closer to the bristles so your not pulling and tugging as much plus you have much more control.

However I must admit if your gentle enough the Tangle Smoother works well and if you work your way from the bottom to the top of your hair which is a key point when brushing hair to avoid as much damage and strands from splitting/breaking then this works really well, I must also note that my hair was left unbelievably soft! This also works great for adding volume, I like to place it flat at the roots of my hair and gently use a backwards-forwards motion to create natural volume with no damage! Overall it is a great brush and I like how Denman have added their own twist on the 'Tangle Smoothing' trend so I have to admit this brush does exactly what it is designed for.

Brush £10.18

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  1. love tangle teezers i find they are so much more gentle on the hair

    like this design too

    This Gir Loves Chic



    1. Its definitely something different to whats on the market already x

  2. I've always been so dubious of tangle teezers and similar things, wondering if they're really much different from regular hair brushes. Getting more tempted to give them a try them, everyone seems to love them

    Elesaurus |
    YouTube - Eleanor Rose

    1. I can confirm they are a hundred times better than a normal brush, more gentle for the hair. I haven't looked since I started using them x


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